ClearFox Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Hotels:

Clearfox are specialists in the design and manufacture of plug and play modular of wastewater treatment systems regarding the hotel industry. Throughout the last 10 years we have acquired a lot of experience and with the outstanding technical abilities of our team we are a perfect choice for your project.

Hotel Wastewater Treatment

With the advancing globalisation more and more people are travelling to spend their holidays in foreign countries. This resulted in a booming hotel industry, where with more competition, owners and managers have to offer their customers exceptional service for a smooth and relaxing holiday stay. Every good hotel produces a huge amount of wastewater through their bar, kitchen, swimming pool, bathrooms, etc. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for it to have a reliable and good functioning wastewater treatment system that can handle the wastewater. Not properly located, installed and maintained septic tanks can lead to a pollution of the environment with irreversible damage to the image of your hotel as an end result.

Therefore finding the right wastewater system for your hotel is key for an optimal running system. Various factors like size of your hotel and daily wastewater volumes (for on and off season) play a role in the system you should choose. For hotels our advise is to use the Clearfox SBR System. We would be happy to assist you find the perfect sewage treatment plant for your hotel!

Clearfox modular industrial wastewater solutions have the following advantages:

  • Low operation cost
  • Automatic operation
  • Low purchase price
  • Process and effluent guarantees
  • Modular system, adaptable to every application
  • Small eco footprint
  • Stable and very robust process technology, made in Germany

Implement a grease trap

At last we would like to stop you from doing a big mistake:
Known problems in the hotel wastewater industry are clogged pipes which come from grease and oils produced in the kitchen, restaurant, bathrooms etc. Besides your wastewater treatment system it is therefore advisable to also implement a grease trap to prevent most of the oils and solids from reaching the system. If you do not they can build up in a tank and lead to clogged pipes, bad smell and reducing the performance power of your system.

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