ClearFox Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Worker Camps

Clearfox are specialists in the design and manufacture of plug and play modular solutions for worker camps. We have solutions for any project size as these containerised systems are modular and individually adaptable. They have complete wastewater treatment equipment already pre-installed.

As they are very mobile, they can be very easy and quickly installed or dismantled and transported to a new location. Not only do we sell them, we also rent them out. When they are delivered they are instantly ready to be used and operation is fully automatic.

With this product our aim is to minimise costs for the construction company while also stopping damage to the environment and human health.

With more than 20 years experience in this business we are an excellent choice for your project!

Worker Camp Wastewater Treatment

For big construction projects hundreds of workers are needed. They often have to live in worker camps for weeks. Therefore it is very important for the construction company to make their stay as pleasent as possible. One part of this is clean water. Wastewater systems for worker camps have to be as mobile as worker camps itself.

worker camp

Advantages of our Clearfox wastewater products for worker camp:

  • Quickly installed
  • No infrastructure or buildings are required -> only a solid base or foundation is needed on which to place the containers
  • Proven technology which is easy to understand (managing of maintenance can be taught to untrained staff in less than a day)
  • It can be rapidly dismantled to be quickly and easily relocated to a new location
  • Low operation/energy cost -> low eco footprint
  • Can be used as a temporary but also as a permanent solution
  • It is flexible, as systems can be designed as complete waste water treatment plants or hybrid systems, depending on the requirements
  • The solution is modular, fully automatic plug & play and can be tailored to the specific local conditions and project requirements.
  • Process and effluent guarantees
  • Completely made in Germany with warranty of 20 years on new packaged systems

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